Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Giants are coming . . .

Early Friday morning we set off for the train station (along with hundreds of others) to head into Liverpool to see the Giants.

The little girl is beautiful and her dog was amazing, but its very difficult to get good photos.

As we waited for the Giant Grandma we had a chance to look at some of the amazing buildings in Liverpool.

The Giant Grandma was walking with her stick when we saw her, but she did have a wheel chair for when she felt tired !!

 The little girl looks as tired as we felt. Lots of walking, quite a bit of standing about, very hot weather - yes we where all pretty tired.

The train ride home, well what can I say.. . . queuing to get into the station, queuing for the lift (with pram), queuing in the station to get onto the platform, then queuing on the platform to get onto the train - not for the faint hearted. 

P.S. The last time the Giants came to Liverpool was for 'Sea Odyssey'.  I think this was before I started my blog but I found some photo for you to have a look at.  

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer Birthday Number 2. . . .

The second birthday of the month was on a minecraft theme. So whilst watching the Tour de France I made some minecraft bags!!

 This is when you're relieved its only a small party.

All the party food was minecraft related, we had 
Redstone - strawberries
Golden apples - apples
Gold - popcorn
Carrots - carrots
etc. . . 

It all went down well, with no left overs.

The cake was pretty simple, just earth with grass or chocolate with green butter cream.

Icing cakes in the blistering heat is not a good idea. They look pretty 'rustic' but they tasted great.

A couple of hours later the guests had all gone and the presents all unwrapped. . . . 

A chilled glass of wine with a bit of cake, bliss.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Drum roll please. . . . .

Well a few things have been ticked off my list and I am starting to feel a little less stressed.

The award ceremony went very well. My Daughter got a prize!! 

She was awarded for her textile project, I know textiles!!!!!

Her Teacher said:

Your Unicorn bag was fantastic and I look forward  to teaching you in Year 8.
Well done wonderful girl!!

Well done from your Mum as well, you amaze me everyday and you are definitely wonderful. xoxoxo

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Breathe . . . . .

This past week has been very hectic. At the end of the school year the juggling starts. Trying to organise time off in the holidays, childcare cover, family camping plans, birthday month, etc. 

We've had three school plays this week and the coming week makes me panic. I have a end of year assembly and awards ceremony, working two jobs, sports day, backup sports day, library volunteer meeting, optician appointment, nephews school play, party baking, present buying, etc
The list goes on & on . . . 

I know I'm not the only one, every one has to juggle some times its just I feel like I've got one ball too many.

So for now I'm going to 'BREATHE', try and calm my thoughts and have a cup of tea.

I think the saying is 'See you on the other side (of this week)'

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Acorns and conkers!

After work/school on Wednesday I had a small window of time for myself.
(I just ignored the jobs around the house!!)

So out came the fabric. . . . 

A small plate template. . . 

A quick pin and straight under the machine. . . . 

A few choice words as I tried to turn it 'right sides out'

There you have it, what is it I hear you say.

Well its a travel 'noughts and crosses', of course!

I even made a little bag for the pieces.
(which you could collect on your day out, sea shells, stones or acorns and conkers)

Perfect for camping!!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Summer Birthday Number 1

This year is passing so quickly that my Daughters birthday just crept up on me.

She had LOADS of ideas about the theme and what 'we' needed to do.

Early this week I made a paper birthday banner.

Sent out some invitations!!

Baked and iced.

Baked some more. . .

Iced some more. . 

Then onto the party.
She had a sleepover on Friday night then a family party on Sunday.

Her birthday isn't until early next week but she opened a few presents.

There was lots of cake, lots of chatting and a bit of dancing.

There was some friendly trampolining.
 (although the photos look a bit like my daughter is attacking her little cousin)

Then a water fight broke out, it spread from the garden out into the street. (I stayed dry !!!)
Then after the rowdy (wet) guests had gone we got the sprinkler out to cool the children down.
Great day, glorious weather and lots of cake!!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

(no water)

So on Friday, as my Daughter was just about to set off to school, I received a text

Due to unavoidable circumstances (no water) school will be CLOSED today. Apologies but we have only just found out. All GCSE Furthers Maths MUST ATTEND TODAY.

What to do? Well luckily my Daughter had lots of ideas !!(none including my normal Friday jobs).

I was given the job as 'Hot glue gun' operator, whilst my Daughter made her History Project.

The Project was to build a castle, I suggested the castle used in the filming of Harry Potter (Alnwick Castle), but my Daughter said she was doing the castle out of Frozen. (She said even though it was a History Project this would be fine !!! )

Now we just need to transport the castle to school. . . . . .