Thursday, 18 August 2016

Lancaster Canal part 3

Today my Daughter went to see some friends, so it was just the two of us at home.
Me and my Son!!

I have lots to do at home, all jobs and all pretty mundane.

So we packed our lunch, loaded up our bikes and set off for the Lancaster Canal.

Whilst I sat in the shade (it was very hot!!) my Son fed the ducks some of his donut.
(I realise this isn't healthy for the ducks, but hey ho it was only a bit)

The route today took us from Barton Grange Garden centre to bridge 64
 (where the A6 crosses the canal).
Then we cycled back down the A6.

In total we did about 7.5 miles, in the baking heat and we're both shattered.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Beside the sea side, beside the sea. . . . . .

School holidays always involve a trip to the beach.

Today's beach was Blackpool, not the prom section but further down the coast near the airport. 

Its was windy, too windy for hair styling on the beach!!!!

It was wellies for me and my Daughter but my Son chose some lovely purple crocs!!

Normally the wind on the beach is chilly no matter what time of year but today it was lovely and warm, almost tropical.


Obviously I collected a few shells . . . . 

My son enjoyed some digging whilst my daughter hoped for rescue.
(It wasn't her idea of fun, she's passed digging in the sand with her hands.
Now if she had her spade . . . . . well that would be different)

We had a very hot drive home.

Just time for my son to make Focaccia bread.
How messy that boy gets, "Go on then, if you've finished kneading it you can lick your hands" 
Minutes later he has dough all over his face!!!

Monday, 15 August 2016

Four people, one guinea pig, two fish and how many rabbits?? Three!!!!

Just over a week ago my Mum dropped into conversation that she had seen a rabbit in there garden, not a wild one but a 'Pet like' rabbit.

I dropped the children at Mum & Dads whilst I worked last Monday not realising what I would have to face when I picked them up.

They had been 'tracking' the rabbit on and off all day, half attempting to catch it!!!

There house is on a busy main road and we had to all hold our breath as the rabbit wandered up to the edge of the road knowing that at any moment it could be squashed.

I took the children home, but couldn't settle. so with a few extra helpers we visited again with a rescue plan.

Then believe it or not I was the lucky winner, I managed to catch it!!!

We had a pet carrier ready and  a temporary home (in a large dog crate ((empty, no dog in))  )

We've visited the vets to have him checked over and also to check if he had been reported missing.
But, no he hadn't!!

We also checked the local pet shop, but no reports of a missing rabbit.

He's had a serious de-flea.

The vets opinion, having been told where we found him was that he had been dumped!!
Its pretty sad really, what sort of person would do that??

So now hes just waiting for us to build him a new hutch!!

So lets meet our new family member, its BB8 (The children are big StarWars fans)

He's pretty cute, isn't he or maybe that should be handsome!!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Kirkby Lonsdale Show

On Tuesday it was the annual Kirkby Lonsdale Agricultural show

We got an early-ish start but still ended up parked on a steep hill.
(my Sister always refuses to park on a hill and gets them to direct her to another spot!!!)

There's lots to see for a small show, with plenty of dogs, sheep, poultry and of course the tents

After watching the horses in the main ring it was time for lunch,
 just as the heavens opened, rain, rain, rain.

Once the rain stopped we had a walk into the town.

Its really picturesque, especially now the suns out.

We had a look at the Art Show in the local church.

And a wander along the little streets.. . . . . 

Then as the black clouds moved in we headed back to the show.

 Just in time to see the hunt.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Lune estuary - Canal part 2

On Sunday we packed the bikes on the back of the car for another bike ride.

When you're a fourteen year old girl you can't be enthusiastic about cycling with your family.

You find yourself complaining (a lot).

But the path we chose, along the side of the River Lune estuary was nice and flat.

Once in Lancaster, me and my son went into the supermarket for cakes and snacks, to keep us going.

Back on the bikes and we headed for the aqueduct, then finally we got onto the canal tow path.

The weather was gloriously sunny but there was a strong wind
(which could have landed someone in the canal!!)

Going through the City you had to watch out for people, children and dogs.

The temptation to stop for a drink was great but I knew we had about seven miles to go so probably best to stick to bottled water.

Once outside the city the path turned to mud and grass, but luckily less people.

Still stopping for snacks and also the boys had to catch Pokemon!!

Finally we reached our canal junction.

Turning off the main canal we cycled along the Glasson section.

The sun still shone but the wind was trying to blow us backwards!!

At least with locks you get a small down hill, perfect for the tired cyclist.

Back onto the Lune Estuary path with the car park in the distance.

The total for the day was 16 miles. 

On the way home we stopped for an ice cream, to pacify the children then called at my Mum and Dads to look for an abandoned pet rabbit.