Sunday, 21 September 2014

Mrs Fox

So having lost my sewing MoJo for quite some time, I thought I'd have a look over at Pinterest for some inspiration. Several wasted hours later and all I could think about was patchwork foxes!!!

A quick selection of fabric.

Then random cutting, sewing, unpicking, bad language, sewing, unpicking, ironing, etc

Then I had to go to work. How inconvenient. . . . 

Anyway when I got back and with a bit more sewing, we had Mrs Fox.

Back to Pinterest and a bit more searching and I found the owner of Mrs Fox. So if you fancy a fox you can purchase the pattern and avoid the bad language and probably the unpicking over at Oh Fransson

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Blog - able ?

Whats Blog - able ?
Well not a lot at the moment.
This week I've had a sick child at home.
I've had my electricity meter changed for a new one.
I've cleaned out my kitchen cupboards.
I've painted the garden gate.
I've continued to knit.
I've cleaned the bathroom.

And lots of other non Blog able things.

I have spent some time in the garden looking for butterflies !
I wish they would stay still.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

School Yard . . .

School yard attitude . . . . 
For five years, many years ago, the school yard played a big part in 'being happy' at school. For Me it was very stressful, would I be on my own, would I be left out, did I even fit in, etc. Even now thinking about school fills be with dread. I didn't hate school, but I certainly didn't enjoy it.

For the following however many years fitting in didn't matter. I mixed with like minded people at college and work, fitting in just wasn't a problem.

Then I had my Daughter and it was all change again. Fitting in was important, you want your child to fit in, be popular, have friends, etc.

Back to today. 
Standing in the school yard waiting for my Son to come out of class I have that same feeling about fitting in. Sometimes I look around and see all the same things. The groups, the gossipers, the loners, the cool ones, the ones that don't care about fitting in. Where do I stand. . .  I hate that feeling. 

As much as children at secondary school can be cruel, so can adults. Some revel in the back stabbing of the school yard. 
Please release me from the school yard. . . 

Let me stand on my own, no I'm not being funny or awkward, I just don't want to play at 'school yards' anymore. I'm a grown up and shouldn't feel dread at the thought of picking up my little boy.

Sorry about the rant.
 Is it just Me? 
Does the school yard fill lots of parents with a feeling of dread? 
Maybe it is just Me?

Sunday, 31 August 2014

A walk in Badgers Wood

This weekend the weather has been glorious. Lots of lovely sunshine.

On Saturday we headed to Badgers Wood for a walk. This is one of those places you pass in the car and think 'one day we'll stop for a walk'

Lots of things to see, my Daughter even spotted a Kingfisher (yes I was jealous!!)

We stopped for a while waiting for the train to pass. WOW that train moved fast, the little wooden bridge we where standing on actually shook.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Cramming it in. . . .

Following on from a previous post about the summer holidays going too fast, we have now started to 'cram in loads of stuff'

First we had a trip to Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry

Its very impressive and spread across several buildings.

The 'sewers' where especially entertaining for the children!!!

Then we did a quick tour of the shops in search of a new school bag for my Daughter.

We've also accomplish our pilgrimage to 'the beach' (any local beach will do, but you really must go in the summer holidays - its tradition!!) 

We visited in April to look at the shell in the photo above, looks a lot different when the tides in on a grey day!

The sulky looking Daughter is waiting for Son to get very wet! She didn't need to wait long, then he walked a bit funny and had to strip before getting in the car, after emptying all the water out of his wellies. 

We've also done uniform shopping and visited some family. Bring on next week for some more 'cramming'.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Summer knitting cont. . . .

So rewind a few weeks and you may remember my knitting project.

Most of the hat was completed before my holiday, just the sewing together needed to be done.

Then what to do with the left over wool ??
What about a snood!!

My stripy knitting produced loads of tangled ends to sew in. . . . 

Then the button selection *see button buying at the end*

So what do you think? I really like it.
But more importantly my Daughter does!!

*Button Buying. I have loads of buttons but not quite the right colour or quantity. So I headed to Abakhan fabric shop. . . . . .and came home with some buttons.*
(and two more balls of wool and some circular needles)

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Slow down Summer Holidays !!

Is it just me or are the summer holidays going super fast? Last week I realize how long was left and had a bit of a panic!!!
We haven't been for some of our favorite summer days out yet. . . . 
So on Friday we headed up to Kirby Lonsdale for a walk along the river and a look in some of the lovely shops.

Its a beautiful town / village and I'm reliably told (my Mum told me) that it was used as a location for the BBC Jamaica Inn.

We had a look on the bridge for the devils hand print (This is something we did as children, the story has been very distorted over the years, I'm no longer sure there is a hand print. But my little boy was intrigued)

P.S. I've just had a quick look at Devils Bridge on Wikipedia and there's no mention of a hand print. Oh well this children enjoyed looking.