Sunday, 22 May 2016

Pink, pink, pink

My sewing machine has been dusted off this week.

I initially thought I'd make a drawstring bag for my Nieces birthday.

Then as the project progressed the bag got more & more complicated.

All my sewing is done on the dining room table and we had visitors calling, so it all needed to be finished and tidied away!!!!

I will admit, when I looked under the table after they left I could see scraps of fabric
(they are still there) 

So all finished and delivered to the party girl today.

Maybe with the right fabric I too could be the owner of a Bespoke Backpack!!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A Snapshot of May

I've dusted off the laptop this morning to recap on some work I did way back in January.

Its not much fun trawling through drawings and hastily scribbled notes, trying to work out whats still to do.

Sooo I had a bit of a look on the internet . . . . . avoiding any work as I go.

Then I got the camera out to see whats new!

No grand days out, just a snapshot of our little garden in May

Maybe I'll read the scribble later . . . . . 

(just looking at my photos and I notice there all pink and yellow)

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Testing out the van . . . . sorry I meant Classic Campervan

On Saturday we visited my sister.

Not at her house, ooh no.

She has abandoned the tent world and bought herself a campervan.

Its been a long process, with many weekends spent renovating it.

But this weekend they took it for its first overnight stay away from home.

The weather was perfect, although probably too cold for me!!

The locals seemed friendly.

The views out over Morecambe Bay are beautiful, you can see the mountains of the lakes in the distance.

For more photos of her campervan journey hop over to  Instagram

(P.S. This is the campsite we tested out our new tent a couple of years ago)

Saturday, 16 April 2016


On Thursday we had a trip to the beach, 

The day was lovely and bright, but ooh so chilly


We had our usual competition to find the most unusual thing on the beach

Anything to keep us moving!!

The crab above was my find, it was still alive and I hand caught it

But the winner was my son who found the above shrimp/lobster/not sure. . . . . 

And when the memory of the sea has gone, I still have sand and shells in my coat pocket to remind me of our day.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Bolton Abbey

Another day, another day out!!
Today it was Bolton Abbey.

The photos don't do it justice, it really is beautiful.

We visited last year and crossed the river on the stepping stones.
I was absolutely terrified. 
The children wanted to have another go, but unfortunately the river was too high and some of the stones had washed away!!! 
(This meant that meany Mummy didn't have to say no, but Bolton Abbey said no)

After an ice cream and with renewed energy we headed back to the car for lunch, throwing a few coins in the fountain for luck on our way past!!

The children where persuaded to have another short walk after lunch to see The Strid

When we returned to the car we where all shattered but happy with our day.

What would complete the day? 
Yes a trip to the fabric shop on the way home. . . . . 

(Weirdly, when I looked back to our last visit, it was exactly a year and one day ago.
I also managed to call at the fabric shop on my way home)

Sunday, 10 April 2016

The start of Easter. . . . .

Yes, we are finally off school for 'Easter'. I know Easter was a few weeks ago but at our school we only had Friday and Monday off school. So we are now off for two whole weeks!!

Saturday was full of jobs, washing, shopping, etc.

But today we headed out to the local nature reserve.

We spotted our first bluebell of the year!!

Its so nice to be out and about, often I'm at the back of the group, trying to take photos then rushing to catch up!!

We had a look around the Crafty Vintage Fair and a lovely chat with Sarah from Mitenska who had a stall full of beautiful drawings and printed artwork. 

No visit to Brockhole would be complete without calling at the huge park, today's favourite was the zip wire (over large muddy puddles)

Then home for a late lunch, followed by pottering in the garden.

If the next two weeks can be similar then that will be great. . . . . . 

If you fancy looking at a couple of previous visits you can find them here and here.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Williamson Park

After being confined by cough/cold bugs for what seems like forever we finally ventured out on Saturday.

We headed up to Williamson Park  in Lancaster.

The children ran off through the woods, aiming to be the first to see Ashton Memorial.

Around the back of the Memorial is the Butterfly House. 

Butterflies are very difficult to photograph . . . .  

This Butterfly was having lunch!!

Ooh going down the steps is so much easier than going up.