Sunday, 15 January 2017

Breathe in the salty sea air . . . . .

 So Week 1 of the school year is complete.

The Christmas holidays seem so long ago.

I don't know who feels more shell shocked, me or the children?

First week back and we have LOTS of homework.

Another SATS workbook has appeared.

Saturday was fine and sunny, so we headed to the beach.
(Leaving the homework for another day)

Breathe in the salty sea air.

Fill your pockets with sandy shells.

And calculate how long before half term . . . . . . . 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Happy New Year

So Christmas has been and gone. (It was lovely)

The decorations are coming down tomorrow, to be packed away for another year.
(Always makes me a bit sad and the house look boring)

My new year resolutions are made.
(Very similar to last year, all about losing weight, getting fitter and being more organised)

And today we had a lovely walk around Beacon Fell Country Park.

I collected a few 'things from nature' (more of that another day)

And when I got back home into the warm I got an email saying
'Happy New Year . . . . oh and have you got the drawings I asked for?'
I think that means I'm back at work!!!!!

Sunday, 11 December 2016

DIY Decorations

It all started with a stick, found in the garden, washed and drying on the radiator.

It's another Christmas decorating idea 'on the cheap'

Whilst my stick dried I had a look at some of my other DIY decorations.

My star garland, made with white card and a lot of cutting out.
I thread the stars, with a needle, onto sewing cotton. Then after Christmas remove the cotton and store the stars in an envelope ready for next year!!

Next my twig. Found a few years ago and attached with garden wire to the mirror.
All year round we have things hung on the twig but at Christmas its got to be Baubles, bright cherry red.

Another easy decorating idea is paper snow flakes. We all make a few and slip them under the plastic cover on our dining table.  

Painted pine cones. I think these are from last year.
(Maybe I have time to add some PVA glue and glitter)

Candle jars that we use all year, once again paper stars held in place with copper wire.

Back to the drying twig. Add a little sewing cotton, some red snowflakes, a little stick tape and garden wire for hanging . . . . . 

I think its maybe a little too 'understated'

But light a few candles and the shadows flicker with the heat from the flames.

Tomorrow is a shopping day but on Tuesday I think I might try making a door wreath. 
(I've already spotted a tree in the garden that requires a prune)

OOh I just remembered Dominic, he started out 'just for Christmas' but he stays up all year!!!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

A trip over Blubberhouse Moor.

On Saturday, we took a trip to Harrogate for the Knitting and Stitching Show.

The day was glorious and the drive over full of chatter.

I didn't take many photos because its just soooo busy. 

But I did make a few purchases, no fabric for a change!!

In the lovely handmade paper bag is the beautiful Knitting book below.

Soo all I have to do now is find the time, in between all my painting, to locate the wool and needles!!!
Our other trips to Harrogate are here, here, here and here.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Sand, paint, repeat. . . . .

It feels like forever since I posted on my Blog.

Over the last few weeks I've been mainly sanding and painting.

The hallway was first, it was very stressful, gloss paint takes ages to dry and could ruin a school uniform in seconds!!!!

Whilst sanding, previous layers of paint began to show through, orange and green!!!!
Wow I can hardly imagine our small hallway with orange or green woodwork.

The sitting room was next, all the furniture moved and the woodwork painted.
For the last few weeks I done a lot of shouting 'wet paint'.

Then the carpet was removed, hallelujah, bye bye pink carpet!!

Having had weeks of no paid work I've thrown myself into the DIY, so on Wednesday I was pleased and panicked to finally receive a small amount of work. Pleased for obvious reasons but a bit panicked as I've got loads more painting to do . . . . . 

So we had a day with no carpet, keeping our fingers crossed the carpet fitters didn't cancel.

Then on Thursday, after moving the last of the furniture into the kitchen (what a squeeze) they arrived. 

So we know have beautiful new carpet in the sitting room and on the stairs and landing. After years of old carpet it feels lovely. The next room to receive new carpet will be my daughters room which needs a full repaint!!! (She wants a different colour)

Our little Bugsy has been slowing down for a few weeks, he seemed happy enough just not as quick to run down stairs for his breakfast. Sadly this week he passed away.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Happy Half Term!

Half term arrived at just the right time for me. I have no work (see previous post) at the moment so I was able to spend the week trying to entertain the children!!

Saturday was just me and my son, we visited Beacon Fell Country Park to meet up with some friends.
Walking through the woods, just the two of us and he's saying how with all the mist about, someone could easily jump out on us . .. . . 

We've carved our pumpkins, its so much easier now the children can be trusted with a sharp knife.

We decorated outside ready for the 'trick or treat' children to arrive, we had a grand total of four children, six if you count my two!!!

The pumpkins moved indoors for a few days, mines in the middle with my sons on the left and my daughters on the right.

On Wednesday, after eating lots of Halloween sweets, we had a visit to the dentist.
After a scrape and a polish we went to the Michael Foreman exhibition in the Harris Museum.
It was well worth a visit although it s only on until the 6 November so you'd have to be quick!!

Shopping often features in our school holiday days out.

On Thursday we headed to Lancaster. 

We park outside the City so we can enjoy the walk in to the shops, do a bit of shopping then enjoy the walk back.

The canal is beautiful, the leaves are still falling and the colours are amazing.

The shops have packed away the Halloween stuff and are all getting ready for the Christmas season.

The shopping didn't take long, Fimo clay, bird food and a yoga mat, then back along the canal to the car. 

Today has been a slow day, lots of washing, a small walk and a bit of school uniform shopping.

I put out some bird food today and thought I'd share a picture of my Cosmos. Isn't it amazing, still covered in flowers and buds, sadly one or two frosts and it will be gone, but then it is November!!!